Equipment Technician/Fabricator

August 27, 2023

Waupaca County
811 Harding Street
Waupaca, WI 54981
County: Waupaca

Equipment Technician/Fabricator:
As a function of the Waupaca County Highway Department, this position provides technical service, repair, maintenance and operating principals of all equipment used for Highway Department operations. This may also include the fabrication of equipment parts.
This position works under the direct supervision of the Equipment and Facilities Superintendent and Shop Operations Foreman


Perform welding, cutting torch work and metal fabrication skills. Additional fabrication duties may apply to position hired for mainly fabrication duties to include the following:

· Cut, shape, weld (structurally sound), clean (includes sandblast cleaning) and other operations to assemble metal and equipment parts.

· Plan, mentally visualize, and perform metal fabricating construction and repairs based on oral or drawing descriptions.


Prepare and render oral and written reports regarding equipment status and the allocation of mechanic time, equipment time, materials, and equipment parts used in conjunction with the performance of this position.

Be responsible for equipment, facilities and tools by training in use, utilizing properly and maintaining as prescribed.

Read, interpret and understand maintenance, lubrication, parts and service manuals.

Be available to do emergency work at all times (24/7) including, but not limited to: Snow plowing, tree removal, accidents, flood control, traffic control etc.

Perform duties in a safe and efficient manner.

Be accountable for work performance by keeping accurate records and reports.

Maintain training, licenses and certifications required for position.


Perform manual labor.

Performs other duties as assigned.


    18+ with diploma or equivalent

Hourly Wage: $25.04