Posted time June 28, 2022 Location Kiel Job type 18+ Years of Age, Full-Time, High School Graduate, High School Student

Henning Cheese
20201 Point Creek Road
Kiel, WI 53042

We are a small 4th generation family cheese company that follows the traditional artisan ways of making cheese since 1914. We are seeking individuals who have a great attitude, enjoy working with one another and are willing to help wherever is needed.

Primary responsibilities include the following:
Your primary responsibilities will be in cheese production with the goal of crafting award-winning traditional artisan cheese. You will work over vats turning and stacking cheese; wash, prep and fill forms; clean presses and all equipment; help with sanitation and a variety of other jobs. You will be working with your hands and move from job to job throughout the day. You will be lifting 12# wheels, 22# wheels & 40# blocks. We ask that you be able to at least lift 40# – 50#’s. Since we are a food manufacturing plant attention to cleanliness is very important. This is a physical job but crafting artisan cheese in a team environment is very rewarding!

Job Requirements/Working Conditions:
This is a first shift full time job that starts at 3:40am until we are finished. Depending on the day and the cheese we are making finish could be anywhere between 12:00pm – 2pm. We also need help for about 3 hours every other Saturday morning to help remove cheese from the forms that was made the day before and some sanitation.

If you suffer lower back or leg issues, this job may be a difficult for you to do. Being 5’10 or taller will also help as you will be working over vats of cheese.

Because we are a cheese manufacturer and milk doesn’t stop coming in, we do have to work certain holidays if they fall during the work week, so you can enjoy your weekends.


Applications found in our retail store or you can email and one will be sent to you.