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Who has the biggest influence in helping high schoolers choose a college and/or career?

A) Guidance Counselors

B) Older Siblings

C) Friends

D) Teachers

E) None of the above



If you picked “E”, you’re right! Research clearly shows that parents are the #1 influence on their child’s career choice. That’s not surprising when you think about it. After all, from the very day your child was born, you have influenced many of his or her choices – through the advice you have provided and the examples you have set. Your children naturally look to you for leadership and guidance in all aspects of their lives, including choosing a career path.

You don’t have to have all the answers- Inspire is a great resource to support opportunities for your child


your child’s curiosity around career opportunities


careers with the appropriate post-secondary options


work experience aligned to their career interests


understanding economic impacts of career options


and expand a professional network


on the reflection of experiences and opportunities

How Can I Connect My Student To Career Experiences?

Check out our Career Experience Calendar

Bridging the Gap Between Families, Educators, & Students with Xello Family Portal

   Coming Soon!

With the addition of the Xello Family Portal, parents and guardians can be invited to gain full visibility into their students’ future goals and plans so they can better support their learning and development. Whether a family has one child, three children, or even more, parents and guardians can access all their students’ work in one location.